Whites & Tweeners: My “go-to” Paint Guide

I was motivated to write this blog after a client said to me “picking a paint color is more difficult than picking a child’s name”.  So funny and how true that can be. Selecting paint colors can prove to be more difficult than finding the perfect fabric or piece of furniture.  With a vast array of palettes and the effect that light has on wall color, what you think is the ideal white will look yellow or that grey you matched to a fabric has a hint of red or the most common, that off-white/neutral looks peachy. So today I am sharing my guide on sampling color and my “go-to” list of the perfect shades. Generally I select paint colors not first or last, but in conjunction with the design of the room or full house remodel. I usually know going in if I want to envelop the room in a dark color or go light. My favorite and most often used palette comes from Benjamin Moore. They offer a great product and a seemingly endless selection of hues that can even be customized. Once I have an idea of the colors I want to sample, we paint large swatches in the room but not just in one spot! I recommend painting 2-3 large squares on a white base or up against white trim.  So often I see people selecting a color they end up not liking because it was affected by the base color or surrounding colors. A simple rule of thumb when it comes to straight forward paint sheens: Walls/ceiling = matte Trim = semi-gloss     THE... read more

DESIGNER LOOK: Modern Kitchen

Every designer has a specialty.  A look, a style, a collection of go-to shopping locations to help outfit the home and make it unique. It’s why we love reading design blogs, to see what inspires our industry colleagues and what makes them tick. Starting a blog is a entirely complex endeavor.  Will we have enough time or enough to say?  Its becoming quite evident however that a blog might just be a beneficial way to gather our thoughts and provide a bit of insight into who we are and why we love design. So, to kickoff our inaugural post it seemed only fitting to share a project that defines the essence of Ella Scott Design – my house!  A mix of modern and traditional, curated local artwork (including my children’s own masterpieces), sculptural lighting, black & white design…and everything in between.  For starters we purchased a builder grade home that lacked architectural interest and detail (something I swore I would never do.)  The original kitchen, the hub of any home, was seemingly closed off from the surrounding rooms and without easy access to outside space.  Not to mention the cherry floor and cabinets and green granite did not work with my design sensibility.   With the help of local architect and friend, Donald Lococo, we opened up the kitchen and turned the space into an multi-purpose room including a breakfast area, family room and an easily accessed screened porch. I repurposed a portion of the original cabinets, but painted them black to give them a fresh, modern look.  The remainder of the kitchen cabinets and integrated refrigerators were built into a wall that runs the length... read more